Body Polishing Scrub {retired formula}



Rich and creamy in texture with a fresh blend of aromatic essential oils. Gentle enough to be used as a daily facial cleanser, yet strong enough for full body exfoliation. With the benefits of coconut oil for its natural antioxidant & anti fungal properties, the emollient properties of soy for it's natural vitamin e, and the gentle exfoliation of extra fine sugars, this exfoliating sugar scrub locks in skins moisture to aid in the prevention of fine lines. 

GROVE- Mandarin orange provide relief from inflammation and improve circulation, while promoting growth of new cells. Bergamot aids in the healing of scars and help to balance skin tone. The fresh citrus scent stimulates the spirit like sunny day in the orange GROVE.

SPRING - Soothing vanilla provide antioxidants while lemon clarifies the skin, and helps to cleanse toxins.The citrus zing aids in mental clarity while uplifting the body and mind, for a fresh feeling of SPRING. 

SNOW - Soothing and warm vanilla provide antioxidants, with a blend of fresh mint for astringent properties that rejuvenates and refreshes the skin and spirit. Excellent for acne for it's anti-inflammatory properties. Mint also aids in reducing stress, and depression and helps to increase mental clarity. The cooling sensation of mint combined with the warmth of vanilla leaves skin cool and refreshed like a stroll in fresh fallen SNOW. 

DIRECTIONS: Scoop out a small amount approximately the size of a nickel into the palm of your hand. Add warm water until product becomes a creamy consistency and becomes spreadable. Exfoliate face or body.  Add enough warm water to liquefy sugars and remove eye makeup. Exfoliate legs, liquefy sugars and use as a shaving oil. Rinse thoroughly with a hot cloth to remove product. Always use a clean utensil to remove product form the jar to avoid contamination.

All of our hand crafted products are created by an esthetician, using 100% natural ingredients that consist of locally sourced, organic and non-GMO raw materials,and aromatic blends of pure essential oils. Non-comedogenic. All natural. Non-toxic. No chemicals. No additives or preservatives.

Packaged in beautiful vintage inspired apothecary jars to prevent exposure of the elements to the pure essential oils.

Body Polishing Scrub is sweet enough to satisfy your sugar cravings for both the skin and spirit.

 Available in 9 floz,  4 floz and 2oz