Week 2 - Whole Food. Whole New Year. January 06, 2017 20:30

If you've been following my journey via FB on The Whole Life  you've had front seat action to witness how I have implemented whole food, meal planning and daily life struggles into this crazy mom life I live. 

I am probably one of those people who gives TMI, but here's my thought on that. Life is too darn short to be anything less than vulnerable. The messages, comments and emails from women around me is all I need to know that my own personal struggles are making a difference for the people around me who maybe thought they couldn't succeed at something as big as owning their own life. I do not see myself as a strong woman. I am no stronger than any of these incredible women around me that I admire. I am stubborn. I am strong willed and I do my best to find the positive in a pile of negative.

Then, and only then can you begin to change your life. 

Even if you don't know it yet, you are capable of great things. NO ONE else gets to decide that but you. NO ONE other than you has the power to go after what your soul really yearns for. Here's the tricky part.....figuring out what exactly that is! 

In the month of December, I had some news that could potentially ruin the brand that I have worked so hard to build. Raw ingredients that I use in the formulation of several products has been discontinued. #epicfail. My heart sank. I thought I was going to have cardiac arrest. In the center of my busiest season, Christmas, I was faced with some big decisions that had to be made on the fly, that would impact the future of my products. 

So I called in the big guns. Behind the scenes I have a fierce girl tribe, who I trust immensely and respect to the highest level. Jamie, Tashia and myself had an impromptu meeting to figure out the direction of the brand. I came to the consensus that with the pending move to our new location, this was the perfect time to re-brand our entire line. From top to bottom. I am a firm believer that universe hands you exactly what you are suppose to receive when you are suppose to receive it. The tricky part is to PAY ATTENTION. So as I embark on the horizon of a new Haven, I am excited to say that I am digging deep into my esthetic roots.

I have spent the last month evaluating my core philosophy behind my brand. Evaluating what makes ME different that all the other competing skin care brands out there. It came to me in the depth of night, as most visions for my life do, lol. WHAT makes ME different is that I am and esthetician. I am passionate about what I create. I can over come the bumps and formula hick ups I've encountered, so I spent December going over our recipes and researching, and phoning manufacturers and processing my next move. Excellence only happens after you've failed. Heck, if everything was easy, life would be sooooo boring. Hahaha!

I am an esthetician. I believe in the power of raw ingredients. I believe in the healing benefits of my products, and know that this is the tip of the iceberg as to what I am capable of curating. THAT is what makes me different. I don't make these products to make money. My intention behind my brand is to create products that help heal the skin, and are authentically chemical free, that make a difference in peoples daily life and that are curated to be more than just another product on the shelves with my competitors.

How does ALL of this play a part in my Whole Food journey you ask? Well, food is the building block for our entire system. It occurred to me, that the link between our diet and our skin is so much more powerful than anyone thinks. How could I bond the philosophy of my company and my lifestyle? What are my core beliefs about the life I want to create and how does that passion encompass my life. 

I am a firm believer in sourcing local and ethically raised meat from local farmers. I shop at the local fish market and at the farmers markets. I try and use the 100 mile concept if at all possible. I purchase organic at my local grocery stores. I read every label now, and have made eliminations and swaps in my children's diet that reflect a more whole food approach. I plan ahead. I talk about nutrition with my children and what the different foods do for our bodies. I research and read as much as possible. Everyday I just try to make better choices. 

As a busy momma and #girlboss, the biggest obstacle I face is meal planning! I hear it all the time from women like me. How do you do it?! Well, here's how I do it. I plan ahead. I grocery shop on the weekends and take a day to prep as much as possible. Guess what, it sucks lol. Guess what else? It kept me on track until I got the hang of it. I promise the struggle gets easier with a little planning and some inspiration.

Below is this weekends grocery list and meal plan. The recipes I feature can be found on my Whole Life Pinterest Board. 

This week take time for self care and reflect on the person you can be in 2017. You are a powerful force to be reckoned with. Don't EVER forget that!

I hope these meals inspire you to dial in your nutrition and challenge yourself to eat a little more wholesome this week!

Weekend Prep:

*Bake chicken breasts and make ahead Fiesta Chicken Salad.

*Prep your chicken, cut up potatoes for Monday's slow cooker meal.

*Cut up Broccoli to bake for Mondays dinner. You'll bake all of the broccoli you'll need to include in Tuesdays casserole.

*Make mayo to have on hand for the week ahead.

MONDAY- January 9

Breakfast - Grain free "oatmeal

Lunch - Fiesta Chicken Salad over spinach or greens of choice.

Dinner - Slow cooker whole chicken with potatoes and carrots + baked broccoli

* Assemble casserole with left over chicken and broccoli.

* Bake your sweet potatoes for tomorrows breakfast.

*Put bones back into slow cooker overnight to make bone broth.

TUESDAY - January 10

Breakfast - Twice baked Sweet Potato (substitute prosciutto for bacon)

Lunch - left over fiesta chicken salad over greens of choice 

Dinner - Chicken Broccoli Casserole

WEDNESDAY - January 11

Breakfast - left over twice baked potato

Lunch - left over chicken and broccoli casserole

Dinner - Slow cooker meatballs in marinara sauce + over spaghetti squash

*prep your roast for the slow cooker tomorrow.

*assemble ingredients for quiche

THURSDAY - January 12

Breakfast - Kale and egg quiche (omit the cheese and miso)

Lunch - left over meatballs in sauce over spaghetti squash

Dinner - Slow cooker Pulled Pork (omit brown sugar) + green beans + fresh salad (make enough salad for left overs tomorrow night) *shred the left over pork before you pack it up for tomorrows dinner.

Friday - January 13

Breakfast - left over kale and egg quiche

Lunch - Spring mix or greens of your choice with canned salmon and ranch.

Dinner - Crispy Carnita's with green salad

SATURDAY - January 14

 Breakfast - Eggs, pan fried potatoes and prosciutto. Avocado and fruit. 

Lunch - Left over protein with salad, or any left overs that need to be used up.

Dinner- Appie Night- Spinach & Artichoke Dip. Hot Wings with Ranch and raw veggies. 


SUNDAY - January 15  

Breakfast- Breakfast casserole (this serves as left overs to start your next weeks breakfast) Substitute the chicken sausage for ground turkey

Lunch - Left over protein with salad, or any left overs that need to be used up.

Dinner - Oven Roasted Chicken + potatoes + steamed asparagus or green beans.