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The last two months have seen me part take in a serious journey for my health. One which has not only opened up the way I perceive my "diet", but how I feel about myself in general.

The work/life balance has always been a challenge for me as a mother, but opening the shop took on a life of it's own, and I unknowingly had put myself on a shelf and stopped living and began "surviving". That survival saw my health steadily decline, I compromised my diet and lost what little I had left of me. I woke up one day and realized I was not being authentic to myself anymore. I had some big adjustments to make, and starting with food was my #1 concern. I had no idea it would lead me down a path I had been searching for.

I began a program called The Whole 30This was not a "fad diet" but a serious Hail Mary for my mere existence. I needed something that was structured, had tight rules, and a plan for me to focus on. Was it tough. Yes, there were days for sure. Was it worth it? Oh man, you have NO idea! It was life changing!! I'm nearly 3 months in from my first day. It is now my lifestyle. I am always tweaking my macro's and adding in exercise where I can, but being so busy that can be a challenge. My current life goal is to survive summer with all the kids alive! 

A self professed carb addict, I wasn't quite sure how I would manage cutting bread/buns/muffins/doughnuts, etc from what had become a toxic daily habit. So in the 2-3 weeks prior to my start date I began removing the tough foods I loved most from my diet and replacing them with things like sweet potatoes for breakfast. I have never been a big "greens" fan. I struggle getting spinach and mixed greens into my diet. As for kale you could pretty much not ever mention it. It was NOT going to happen. A 20 pack box of Tim Bits, yes, but kale.....nope.

I began searching Pinterest for new recipes in the evening to replace my night time binge eating I had grown accustomed too. Instead I found new an inspiring ways to eat vegetables. I started looking for foods that excited me. I didn't have to worry portion sizes, my main concern was just focusing on whole food and making changes.

Little by little I began to make changes that added up to huge results for me. I literally crave whole food. I have no interest in the foods I used to indulge in, and in fact I can now recognize how sick they have been making me. 

If changing your life is something you're ready for, here are a few tips and tricks I have used to get make my busy life a "whole" lot easier. Summer is the perfect time to be eating as local as you can, taking advantage of fresh fruit and veggies that are in abundance right now!!

  • Grocery shop on Saturdays, so that you have Sunday to do as much prep work as possible.
  • Plan slow cooker meals on your busiest days and make enough to ensure left overs to either freeze, use for another weekday meal, or for lunches through the week. 
  • MAKE YOUR LUNCH RIGHT AFTER DINNER! I can not stress this enough. When you are cleaning up dinner, pack your "planned overs" right then and there. Mornings are busy and if you don't plan ahead, you'll end up eating a box of Tim Bits under your desk at work while you wash it down with tears of your failure.
  • Invest in a great travel system for your food. I purchased the INNOVATOR. The best investment I have made for myself. 
  • Get a great water bottle. I use Tupperware because it's life time warrantied and I was tired of buying garbage that kept leaking!!
  • Make ahead a few servings of chicken, roast and steamed sweet potatoes that you can keep frozen for emergency meal prep on the days things don't go as planned. This is one of the most valuable things I can offer you. you'll be thankful you did.
  • Ensure your freezer is stocked with frozen vegetables & fruit on the days you run out and need something quick!
  • Explore blogs and the internet for recipes that keep you excited. Eat a variation of different foods every day to balance your macro nutrients. 
  • Blueberries, blackberries, cherries, watermelon, nuts and hard boiled eggs are great pack-able foods for summer travel or camping snacks.
  • Include your kids!! Focus on less packaged treats and more fresh fruit. Cutting out processed sugars is one of the best moves you can make for them.
  • Invest in great meal planner. These cuties are available at Haven Living for $15 and include a magnet for hanging on the fridge. If nothing else this week, try something new and begin to implement veggies in new ways.

Here is the recipe for my Kale Breakfast Hash. I eat a variation of this every morning by switching up my greens, meats and fruits. It's my favorite way to get my greens right now!

Life is busy, but with the right tools you can simplify meal planning and make big changes! I hope this is exactly what you need to utilize all that summer has to offer and start your clean eating journey! The link to this recipe is on our Pinterest board here: The Whole Life.

xo Desja