SUMMER MERCANTILE ~ POP UP SHOP! June 06, 2017 22:18 1 Comment

Well then Port Alberni! By the sounds of the rumor mill it's high time I say it out loud....I pulled the plug on the move to 3rd Ave. 

I know what you are all thinking...whaaaaat the heck?!! 

Don't panic! This was a tough decision but I feel it was over all the best move. Or not move...I suppose. 

Let me put your minds at ease. There are a lot of unanswered questions, and I respect everyone's concern and possible upset over this decision. It was not made in haste.

1. NO I did not fund the massive renovations, nor am responsible for the contractor, the timeline of construction or the decision's made in regards to final completion.

2. Early on in the project, I was given a beautiful rendered drawing from the architect that reflected a beautiful wood facade that was a great representation of our deep history. Although the finished exterior is unbelievably beautiful and a HUGE improvement, I was definitely disheartened to see the final results were not what I was expecting. There was a project management company hired in the early Spring to streamline the completion. I had the pleasure of working with Jay briefly and have nothing but the most respect for him. 

3. There was originally a finished studio space that we had plans to use for Tashia Potter Photography. The space was removed, which caused changes in the plans we had to our original business. Without the studio space, it meant the shop no longer worked for Tash.

4. I was told verbally that the lighting would be industrial pot lights, which would fit beautifully into our plans for the interior finishing. In early spring I discovered that they were in fact florescent. With the landlords blessing, we were able to switch them to suit the space more efficiently, however this was a cost I was unwilling to in cure in a building I didn't own.

5.  A few weeks back, I was told told there was talk of another amazing local shop going into the space, which was a reflection of very poor communication within the relationship with the landlord. The option to possibly share the space with some fabulous ladies was presented, and had I not had an in depth business plan in place with other incredible artisans, it may have been a very viable option, as our brands are very like minded, and I frankly adore the girls. I have nothing but faith in their own business model although it just wasn't going to work for my plans moving forward. 

These, along with several small details happening behind the scenes, including an understandable increase in leasing costs due to the massive amount of money put into the building due to it's disrepair. In order to keep lease cost down, I had anticipated that I would move forward to finish the flooring and the interior lease hold improvements at my own expense. However as time moved on, and it became increasingly aware to me that we would miss out on the anticipated tourism for 2017, I felt in my gut, that I would be taking on much more than I could carry. 

Had I known that the building would require such significant repair, on such a long timeline, I would not have made the decision that I did in moving forward. My original goal was to be open for May 2017, to access the tourism and have time to sublease my current location. 

Sometimes we make decisions based on information we have at the time, and when we move forward things change and evolve. I feel the space is amazing, and they have worked extremely hard, and done and exceptional improvement to the Uptown corner. I have nothing but the most respect for Realm Structures design team inc, and Jay's incredible vision. If you think it looks good now, wait until you see the future! The space just no longer fit my business projection, and I felt that moving forward was not in my best interest. After seeing the incredible response from our online survey, I see that we have an AMAZING following, and am thankful for your continued support during the last 10 months of stress and expectation. 

This is actually really exciting to me to finally share some great news. Soon as the decision to let go of the space, Tashia and I had the most perfect shop fall into our lap!

Summer 2017 we will be hosting a series of pop up shops, artisan workshops and free paint demo's to coincide with the SUNSET MARKET, Wednesday nights from 6-9pm at the old Coho Book Store, between Archie's Hair and Golden Dragon. 

We have so much great information to share with you all!! I know that you are itching for details and what the future holds for the shop. Stay tuned to our facebook page for exciting detail to come. This is the summer of creativity, and I hope you will be a part of it! 

Thanks for popping in!