Plant based is the new black July 17, 2017 08:31

If you've followed my Whole Food journey you'll know I'm a huge advocate of how our diet impacts our health. What we put into our body truly does reflect our skin health not to mention an entire host of other things! 

Over the weekend I jumped on the wagon and watched What The Health. Wowza! 

I have a little girl who chose to go vegetarian last year, so it opened up a whole avenue of plant based foods that made me excited. As a collective unit our home has decided to explore plant based and remove animal products from our diet and see what that journey brings. The littles and I spent the day whipping up some delicious vegan foods from Oh She Glows to satisfy them on summer holidays! 

Who doesn't love Chocolate?!? I can't say enough about these muffins. Rich and decadent and a big ol' hit with the kids! (Even the little picky one) I used a raw powdered cacao to add an extra kick of antioxidant power. 

Find the recipe here:

Have you tried plant based and what's your best advice?! 

xo Desja