Paint it pretty April 18, 2017 22:30

"I have an old dresser I've been debating painting....but I'm scared".

I hear this more often than I could ever account! This was the exact reason I ventured to Victoria BC, on beautiful Vancouver Island in March to the Country Chic Paint Conference.


{if you've never been to Victoria in the Spring, you MUST put it on your life "to do" list!} 

This trip was a really necessary layer for my business. I LOVE painting furniture but have reached a point where I've run out of time to be creative and run out of creativity to make the time to do what I love! 

Most importantly, I found myself fresh out of new ideas to share with my customers who, like me, are always looking for new ideas and fresh inspiration. 

What I found, surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and women in business from across Canada and the United States, was a wealth of information I couldn't have imagined! There is something incredibly inspiring about watching a woman gracefully embrace the retailers that carry her products, and who in turn, respect and celebrate her climb to success. Rosanne and the Country Chic girls are such an incredible inspiration for me, and how I strive to build a team for Haven. 

Aside from a ton of business building seminars, all of us had the chance to get our hands into the products, which was probably my favourite part of the entire weekend. 

There are so many products I hadn't even thought to work with! I honestly can't wait to show you all the techniques I learned. 

This is why I created Sample Saturdays for the month of April. I want to play with the product and show you all the fun things you can do with paint! Sample Saturday was a way for me to showcase a featured product each weekend, allowing customers to get first hand knowledge of the products, ask questions, receive consultations on projects and get to see and touch the product without commitment to purchasing or taking a workshop. This was so inspiring for me, and I want to share with you the tips and tricks to help take your painting to the next level! Plus I kind of love talking to people so it was a win-win as far as I was concerned! Hahaha! 

I think my favourite product combo right now is Texture Powder + Crackle. I have a slight obsession for the weathered coastal look. I started a Haven Living Pinterest board called Weathered Coastal Painted Furniture....I can't stop obsessing. I mean come on, who doesn't love a good chippy piece of painted furniture?! 

All in all, it was a unique opportunity to hear from other entrepreneurs the way they've run workshops and how they inspire their own customers. It left me feeling very aware that I have a great opportunity to share with you all so many fun products and techniques that have inspired me to get back into teaching and painting.

I was extremely humbled at the opportunity to learn as much as possible about business, as well as how other retailers run their shops. Not often does one get to pick the brains of other successful companies and take with them the lessons they've learned. This is why I love working with Country Chic. We all share a common thread of support instead of competition, and I felt that sensation so vividly as I sat in a room with 60 other driven, successful, intelligent women. See what paint can do for you?!? Hahaha! 

Now I know you all have an "old dresser you've been debating painting...but you're scared". Am I right? 

Don't be afraid! Paint is not forever. It's a creative way to create change within your home. It's a cathartic outlet that helps you to think and process life. It's a way to overcome fear and accomplish something you think you can't. It's rewarding and gives you so much satisfaction to see your home come together. But most of all it's addicting. Trust me. I know. One day your thrifting beautiful furniture, the next you've opened a shop! 

Happy Painting- hope to see you Saturday for the Texture Powder and Crackle live demo at 1pm.

 • Check out the website for upcoming workshops in May.

See the "Follow Your Arrow" project in the shop on Saturday while I showcase the products. 

As always I love to see your projects! Tag us on Instagram @havenlivingshop to show off your pieces! 

xo Happy Painting, Desja