New Year. New Shop?! January 13, 2017 19:30

 Well the news has been circulating for months now, with whispers and conversations around Haven moving uptown. I currently spend most of my days fielding questions of curiosity and excitement about what's to come and our timeline of the pending relocation.

I'm still working behind the scenes, trying to establish a formative timeline of this move and massive renovation that is currently underway, but here's some details and insight of what I was so excited to finally share!  

Haven Living will be moving to the corner of 3rd and Argyle, into the pivotal cornerstone of our Uptown core. This will increase our exposure tremendously, while placing us front and center with some incredible like minded  businesses that already reside on the busy strip. Being just up the road from the Harbour Quay, means a significant increase in tourist exposure and foot traffic that we just don't acquire in our current location. This move changes the face of Haven Living, and I could not be more excited. 

The building looks considerably larger than our current location, although the square footage is roughly around only 500 sq feet more than our current space. Hidden behind the doors at our downtown location is our manufacturing kitchen, which we have significantly outgrown. The new location offers the opportunity to restructure our manufacturing facility for be the most efficient as possible. More than 1/4 of the floor space will become manufacturing. This shift allows me to refocus more on the wholesale side of my business, and allow me the ability to focus more on my retailers and online shop. This building will be undergoing a MASSIVE renovation, timeline of completion to be determined as we go. This is a much larger project that we originally anticipated, so we are trying to be patient and put plans into place for a smooth transition when the shop is completed.

One of the main things than resonates with me, has been the incredible love from all of you in regards to the Canadian Crafted brands that we carry in the shop. To have a baby boutique that is EXCLUSIVELY Canadian crafted is beyond amazing. From skin care, to clothing, I could't be more happy than when customers rave about brands such as Vancouver Island based Modern Baby and Port Alberni's own A & Gray. As time has marched on it has become apparent to me that THIS is what I am. I am a Canadian brand shop. 

(Image courtesy of A&Gray) 

So I choose to embrace it, and take it to a higher level. The new shop space will boast an incredible array of local Port Alberni artisan's in one way or another.

Joining the team will be Rob Gentleman of Green Earth Wood Works. Rob will not only have a space dedicated to his reclaimed wood furniture and custom furniture business but will be an intricate part of the interior design and building of our shop floor. His talent and incredible furniture is something I can hardly wait to showcase! He has a passion for adding to our workshop schedule and I look forward to all the fun plans we have happening behind the scenes.

I couldn't have a team without mentioning my own personal assistant and real life Pepper Potts to my chaotic Iron Woman, Jamie Del Rio. This girl is not only my right hand with keeping the shop running fluidly, but we share a serious love of vintage furniture and salvaged goods. In recent months Jamie has taken over our custom paint pieces and has found a passion for refinishing salvaged furniture. She is immensely talented and I can't wait to showcase her painted furniture, give her a space to help inspire customers, educate people on how to invest in their own furniture with paint, and to give her a functional workshop space. Jamie has recently stepped into the position of running the wholesale department, product ordering and handling our online sales. She is set to take over as manager of our new location. 

With all the changes set to take place, I could never begin to describe how finding the perfect branding guru to take all my thoughts to reality changed the direction of the branding of our new space. With all great things comes change. I felt it was time to take Haven Living to the next level and encompass all of what we are and what we are shifting to become. My passion for supporting Canadian artisans is coming to full fruition and being able to bring Tashia Potter on board is fiercely exciting. Tashia and I work incredibly well together creatively and she inspires me with her incredible photography and social media skills. This past April Tashia also won an Excellence in Business Award for her social media work in building The Heart of Vancouver Island. Tashia will now have a beautiful studio space in shop to focus on her photography and digital media. She is taking the lead on our re-branding of Haven Living.

Ladies & Gentleman welcome to Haven Living & Neighbourhood Mercantile. 

We are not a "collective". We are a shop that is passionate about supporting neighbourhood artisans or "merchants". Thank you so much for the kind words, excitement and support in regards to this impending relocation. Our hope is to provide a space to inspire & support our local community, while helping to revitalize our Uptown core.  

Within the space will be a large workshop area for not only our own furniture painting workshops, but a space for rent to local artisans who are looking to teach classes of their own. We want to create a space that opens up the door to inspire our community.  

* We are currently sourcing fresh and amazing Canadian Crafted brands to join our line up of best selling goods.

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