How will Covid-19 affect Haven? March 29, 2020 17:51

Hello friends!

As we are all well aware, there has been lots of news unfolding in regards to Covid-19 in Canada and around the world. Here at Haven Living I am trying to stay as positive and proactive as possible.

I'd be laying if I said it was business “as usual” throughout this time of uncertainty. However, I myself have been struggling with the idea of sustaining Haven while the world of small business is in turmoil and the fear feels too heavy to carry some days.

Due to many raw ingredients being out of stock and back ordered, there may be many products I will be unable to restock at this time. 

I will however do my very best to continue to produce the products that I am able, for as long as possible.


Here at Haven, I operate in a closed and controlled environment which allows me to employ the highest safety standards. 

My raw ingredients come directly from reputable suppliers and are never exposed to the public. I am committed to delivering you the best quality skin care in the most responsible manner.

I am as committed now as I always have been to follow good manufacturing practices and rigorous safety measures in alliance with Health Canada. I employ a strict series of standards in my manufacturing protocol that have been created to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses or illness. This was designed in a way that would be in alignment to the Health Board of British Columbia and is reflective of my education and licence from the Cosmetology Association of Canada.

This includes: 

  • Medical Grade Disinfectants on all surfaces, tools and equipment.
  • Strict hand washing procedures.
  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all manufacturing supplies, equipment, tools, and product packaging materials.
  • All towels used during the manufacturing process are exclusively used for skin care manufacturing, and are stored, bleached and laundered separately.
  • I am the only member that manufactures Haven Living products. 

I am concerned about the health and well being of my clients, and will always do the best possible to ensure that he risk in minimized to the best of my ability. 

xx Desja