Exfoliation - out with the old, in with the new February 20, 2019 15:23

Exfoliation is the most under used step in a regular skin care routine. It is the key to more youthful skin, as it encourages the skin to replenish old and dead skin cells.

The benefits of adding exfoliation into your routine is plentiful! 

  • increases blood flow and collagen production
  • sloughs away dead skin cells creating a brighter complexion
  • helps reduce acne by unclogging congested pores
  • opens the skin to readily absorb hydration from moisturizers and serums
  • brightens the texture and appearance of complexion
  • helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Deciding what type of exfoliant to use can be challenging to someone who is new to the concept. Opting for a sugar based versus micro-bead exfoliant is not only the best choice from an environmental stand point (as plastic micro-beads build up in the septic system and do not decompose) but sugar will melt in hot water, allowing you to control the level of exfoliation that best suits your needs. 

Heavier exfoliation is best for thicker skin types, or acne prone skin. 

Lighter exfoliation is best for sensitive skin or skin that is delicate in nature.

When choosing a quality scrub lean towards pure essential oils on the ingredient list in place of fragrance oils. Pure essential oils pack a double punch in offering scent AND the holistic benefits that each individual oil offers by nature. 

Exfoliants that contain organic butters or oils will naturally protect the surface of the skin and prevent moisture loss. It aids in creating a polishing effect on the skin, hydrates and nourishes while sloughing away dead skin. 

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how to choose the best exfoliation product for your skin type, and gives you a happy shiny new complexion. 

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