Home is what you make it March 01, 2015 22:12

So many of us are inundated with spectacular images of glorious homes, through magazines, facebook, instagram, and pinterest. These glorious images can leave us to believe that we need to spend our hard earned pennies on extremely expensive pieces just to "keep up with the Jones".

 False. I think there is a spectacular movement happening right now, and I love hearing it every day! People are hoarding junk! And I love it. People are creating their OWN style. Style that comes from grandma's hand-me-downs. Style from the thrift stores, and yard sales. Style that had become their own signature....not bought a department store. And I love it.

There is nothing better than hearing the stories of what people are painting, when they come to the shop to buy their first can of Chalk + Clay Paint. The colors they have agonized over, the finish they want, the items they are creating the piece around. A pillow, a painting, and old heirloom lamp. It fills my soul to watch them fall in love with a piece of furniture saved from an uncertain future, now to become loved and cherished. 

True style has no guidelines. Styling a space is truly about taking unique items that make your heart smile and creating art with them. Maybe they don't all match. Maybe to some, they are not the most beautiful things. Maybe your art is simple, salvaged from a yard sale....but it speaks to your heart. At the end of a long day, your home should speak to you heart. 

As I have trolled the internet, looking for beautiful painted pieces, with character and charm, these are a few of my favorite things that hopefully inspire you to create a home of inexpensive luxury. A can of paint goes a loooong way to creating a beautiful space!


I love the use of vintage pieces in this image. Pieces you may not have thought to put together, but create a warm and inviting effect.

The old phone on the pedestal table, beside an old weathered chair. Both in a warm natural wood that offset the cool paint of the gray dresser, yet bring the wood of the oar into the space.

The warmth of the gold mirror, lamp and candle holder offer the same effect and tie in the gold frame from the vintage picture on the wall.

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The combination of leather and wood, combined with industrial pieces, works perfectly in this space. The color scheme works magic as it leaves you feeling warm and cozy, although the pieces that ground the space are cold by nature. 

The maps, encyclopedia's and geographical pillows give the space a slightly educated feeling. Combined with the filing cabinets, you feel as though this room, most likely a home study, belongs to some one who has a love of travel. 

The worn, painted wood floors, welcome you with natural effect, yet off set the dark and rich colors that encompass the room. This room has a heir of sophistication, yet is entirely created using ragged, and well used pieces. 

Image courtesy of-  Pinterest







This is such a great example of what you are capable of doing with a simple can of paint. How many of us grew up with the dated rock fireplaces, that over time, really show the age of a house.

Some of them however, beautifully done, may not be the look you are going for. A simple paint over, finish can do wonders, saving you a ton of work and a lot of pennies. 

The addition of the crown molding at the top adds such sophistication, yet would an inexpensive solution for camouflaging a rustic mantle, if needed.Simple thrift store baskets bring a natural warmth to the stark white, while the vintage MEDALTA pot and the edge of a vintage reupholstered chair, adds texture to the space, while complimenting the white and neutral color scheme. 

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These are three perfect examples of how to incorporate paint into your own space, creating your own sense of style, utilizing what you may already have at home. 

1. Painted furniture is always a quick, simple way to refresh your space. It's a great way to begin the evolution of your home. 
2. Painting worn, neglected floors can be a cost effective way to update your home without the huge bill of new flooring. This may not work in every home, but sometimes it's worth it to think outside the box. 

3. Painting a huge feature like a fireplace can be hugely rewarding and is a fun way to update without the cost of a huge renovation required when revamping a fireplace. 

With Spring on the horizon, hopefully you are inspired to refresh your space, and begin to create a style in your home that is all your own. Not sure where to begin? Join me in one of our Ce Ce Caldwell Paint classes for a hands on tutorial and a great chance to be inspired to evolve your space. Don't live near Haven Living? Check online for upcoming classes with a Ce Ce Caldwell retailer in your area.

Happy Painting ~ Desja