Mommy Confessions November 18, 2014 10:10 1 Comment

Motherhood. There are no words to explain the joy, bliss, love, despair and exhaustion all rolled into the delicious little ball that are my children. I have three of them. My third is a spirited child. She is unlike the other two in every way. It confuses me on a daily basis. I confess...some days I wonder if I used all the good parenting up on the older two and I'm just praying she survives. She does NOT self entertain, unless you call creating havoc in the house, entertainment. She could care less about toys, unless it's the big kids "off limit" ones. She is into every drawer, every cupboard, climbing, destroying, and generally just into everything. All. The. Time. I'm exhausted.

Yesterday was exceptionally tiring, as I had a full house of "mommy jobs" to catch up on, after a weekend of soccer, hockey, a birthday party, and working in the store until the late hours of the night laying floors and painting. Not to mention all the emails, and business I had to accomplish yesterday, all while trying to keep baby at bay. 

I confess, I was in my pj's until 4:30 yesterday. It was THAT kind of day. So when the big kids arrived home and baby was content to play downstairs with them, it gave me an hour grace to throw in dinner, shower and regroup before the evening chaos began. 

She has been cutting her 2 yr molars, and it has made her skin awful, her disposition miserable, and has given her insane diaper rash, which we rarely struggle with. So last night during my escape from mother hood, I was unaware until well after dinner that she had been sitting in a dirty diaper. Her bottom was raw and blistered. (insert mommy guilt and shame here) I put her in a tepid bath and used the Sprout Soap clean her up . She screamed and sobbed from the pain. I felt awful. So as I struggled to get a diaper on a screaming, tired miserable baby, I grabbed the Soothing Spray. I figured this was as good as a time as any to put it to the test! As I misted her down she screamed "owie". Now this could be because it may have stung, it was chilly from being in the drawer, or because she literally says "owie" to anything she doesn't like. Socks = owie, Apples = owie, Carseat = owie. So my admittance to this fact may be tainted. I will however agree that given the state of the blisters on her. it was most likely painful. Which is exactly why I was happy I didn't have to wrestle her down and rub Salve on her. It would have been awful.Soothing Spray I saturated her. I mean to the point it was dripping off her skin. I closed up the diaper, jammy'd her and hoped for the best. The hysteria subsided pretty quickly after that.                                                                                            This morning when I changed her, her skin was slightly pink, but all the rash, blisters and redness were gone.  I was pretty thrilled to see such a great change overnight.                                                                                                                                                                                         So as I watch her climb up the back of the kitchen chairs....I will hope today is less chaotic. Hoping I can successfully accomplish being mommy, business owner, curator and decorator all rolled into one, and find 20 minutes for a tea. Mother hood, no said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it.

Happy mothering, and I hope you survive the day ~ Desja