Sweet As Sugar November 02, 2014 18:20

What is Body Polishing Scrub, how does it work, and what makes it different than every other sugar scrub on the market? What's the difference between that and the Body Pumice?

These are my FAQ's. So of course I thought I should fill you all in on the how's, what's, and why's of the Haven Living Body Collection. 

What is Body Polishing Scrub?

It is a full body, 100% natural sugar scrub that can be used from your face to your feet. It can be used daily as a face cleanser, make up remover, shaving oil, or to exfoliate any part of the body you choose!

How does it work?

Remove a nickel size (or larger) amount of scrub from the container with a clean utensil, into the palm of the hand. Add enough water to create the consistency of soft butter. Rub gently over skin to be exfoliated. If using on the face, after desired exfoliation, liquefy product with warm water and rub over eye lids to remove eye make up. If using on legs, liquefy sugars to create a shaving oil and use in place of creams or soaps for a super close shave. Use a hot, damp face cloth to remove all excess product. If product is not thoroughly removed, it will feel sticky to the touch. Rinse again with water.   

What makes it different

The Body Polishing Scrub has a unique consistency that is reminiscent of a rich body cream, with the benefit of sugar to exfoliate. I designed this collection with several things in mind. Firstly, I wanted it to maintain the sugar composition and prevent them from melting too quickly once water was introduced. It allows you to gain more control over how much exfoliation you want. Secondly, I wanted to bring the melting temperature up so that in hotter weather the product would not liquefy and cause crystallization of the sugars. Thirdly, I wanted the product to have a dense, rich creamy texture that would spread beautifully on the skin, be rich in antioxidants, high in emollients and moisturize without leaving the skin feeling oily, but rather smooth and hydrated. 

What's the difference between the Body Pumice?

The Body Pumice is one step higher in exfoliation. It is a moderate, not mild exfoliate that is best suited for the body, NOT the face. The Body Pumice Collection was designed to utilize different ingredients with the natural sugars, to create unique and unusual ways to stimulate the skin and exfoliate simultaneously. 

The entire Body Polishing Scrub Collection was designed for the face, but benefits the entire body. It has a mild exfoliate from the natural sugars that prevent damage to skins delicate surface on the face. All of our products are esthetician designed, and made to protect, heal and nourish the skin. Each blend has a unique purpose for the skin and spirit, and is meant to establish over all health. The entire Body Collection is curated using organic coconut oil, non-gmo soy, and pure essential oil blends. 

That is the in's and out's of the Body Collection! With an exclusive Gentlemen's Collection on the horizon, we will not be stopping here! So much more in store for Haven Living and I am loving the feedback from all of you! Thank you!

Are you dying to know the top seller right now?! Snow! With a refreshing blend of warm vanilla, peppermint and spearmint, it is making everyone's list for the upcoming holiday season. Don't fret, when the season is over, Snow will be part of the permanent collection! (it's my favorite)

Happy scrubbing! Desja