Soap Opera October 27, 2014 19:57

As the Baby Collection gains momentum and excitement builds over the collection, many people have been asking what the "new" products will be, and if I have plans to launch a liquid soap with the Baby Skin Care Collection. My answer to that is NO. Nope. Nada. 

When I started researching the concept for the Baby Skin Care Collection, I wanted it to include products that I myself would use on my children and products that would be the most nourishing and beneficial to the skin. After all, with the recent flood of information pertaining to the chemicals in drugstore children's products, I felt it was extremely important to utilize my years of esthetics knowledge to design a skin care collection with the littlest people in mind. As a mom of three, I knew that if I had concerns in regards to what I put onto my children's body's, so must other mama's. 

Many of us don't realize that our skin is the largest organ of our body! It is a functioning system, and as a result, absorbs everything you put on it. Think about that? That's frightening. This is why I am sooooo passionate about what I create and release. I feel that not only are the quality of the ingredients and raw materials extremely important, but the reasons I choose them to be equally of value. Soap is not always just soap.

All soaps contains a lathering agent. It's the quality of the lathering agent and the addition of moisturizing and nourishing fats, that are personally my biggest concern. Plain and simple, liquid soap needs a much heavier lathering agent than a bar soap does, due to the water content that makes it liquid. That agent is called Sodium's the same compound used to make Borax laundry soap. For Health Canada reasons, it is labelled safe for usage, and typically contains below .1%. Fair enough, it's deemed "safe" by Health Canada standards. It does not however, contain any moisturizing agents that would aid in nourishing the delicate skin, protecting the acid mantle or preventing an allergic reaction, and counter acting the dryness of the skin caused by the sodium borate.

How many times have you washed your face with a foaming cleanser and it felt tight and dry? That's because you've stripped away the skins natural oils and there was nothing in that product to prevent them from being literally washed away. Are you following me? Now you're thinking....ahhhhhh? Right?

As humans, we have a little invisible protective barrier on our skin. It's called the Acid Mantle. It's like the ozone layer for your entire skin surface. It acts as a barrier to bacteria,viruses and contaminants that may penetrate the skin. These contaminants are alkaline in nature. The more alkaline the pH balance of the skin, the more infection a person will have. For instance, acne is created when the skin is at an alkaline pH level. Alkaline is defined by a pH level of 7.0 and higher. Guess what the natural pH level of these "natural" liquid soaps (containing borax) are.....7.0-7.5! 

Baby's are born with NO ACID MANTLE. Meaning that they don't have ANY protective barrier on their little skin to protect them from the bacteria, viruses and contaminants that may penetrate the skin. Add the use of liquid soap, with borax, and a high pH level, and you run the risk of skin rashes, irritation, dry patches, eczema and a host of other potential issues.  

Goats milk is the CLOSEST to the skins pH. It is rich in naturally occurring fats, oils, and proteins that nourish and help to maintain the natural balance of the skin. A natural vegetable emulsifier creates a very mild lather, which is counter balanced by the incredible moisturizing properties of the vitamins, amino, citric and unsaturated fatty acids found in goats milk. Of all the research I did, this was by far the winning choice. The half spherical shape fits snugly in the heel of the hand, allowing one to hold a wet, slippery baby with one hand, while creating a lather with the flat side directly onto the child. Bathing little's isn't as easy as one may think!

All of the information I have compiled for you today has been based on my research, my years of education, and my personal and professional opinion as a mommy and an esthetician. I believe in the products I am creating for my children and hope that as I send them into the world, you too will love them, and feel good knowing that they were curated with years of education and experience behind them.

The Sprout Goats Milk Soap is Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Biodegradable, contains No Detergents, No Surfactants, No Sulfates, No Alcohol, No Sugar Solutions, with No Animal Testing. It is Gluten Free with a food grade plant base, derived from sustainable growers. It contains pure essential oils for fragrance and zero synthetics. It contains 10% pure liquid goats milk in a 100% pure natural glycerine soap base. It is GMO free.

As a mother of three and an esthetician with over 15 years of experience and education, I created the Baby Skin Care Collection to provide choices to other mommy's just like me. No matter what soap you choose, liquid or bar, do your research. Hopefully today you learned a little something new, and thought a little bit about what you put on your most precious asset. After all, we focus so much on what we let our children put IN their body, yet sometimes don't think about what we put ON it. Because frankly, we have enough to think about! 

Warm regards, and happy mothering!